Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alf Mauritzson Travel News

6:40Alf Mauritzson:
In an increasingly digital world accessing instant information is not only useful, it's almost necessary - particularly when traveling. In this regard, the Apple iPhone is fast becoming the best travel gadget that money can buy as an ever-expanding library of applications can make a cross-country venture feel like a traipse through familiar territory. ALF MAURITZSON travelers:
For fliers, one popular application is FlightTrack, a real-time flight status updater that can tell users if their flight is delayed or canceled, provide detailed weather and radar maps, give gate number listings and even link to studies of aircraft models, speed and safety ratings.
If you prefer to travel by car there is Trapster, a free application that offers subscribers maps and plot points for speed traps, red light cameras and radar detectors in the area, even providing warnings as your vehicle approaches these hazards. Combine that with the Cheap Gas app that lists available grades and costs at the local pumps, and road trips never seemed so simple.
For families with small bladders there is also the Rest Stop app that gives user a full list or rest areas in immediate vicinity and all the amenities they afford.